Tommy Gold has been studying for his big test on Friday for hours and hours. His stepmom, Ann Joy, tries to insist that he take a break. Sitting beside Tommy, Ann runs her hands all over his body and through his hair. Tommy tries to tell Ann to leave him alone to study, but Ann insists that she can help him. Taking the book, she sets it down on the table.

Ann takes Tommy’s hand and runs it up her body to her tits. Then she pops his hardon from his pants and begins stroking. Claiming that his stepmommy is going to take care of him and give him a lesson in sex education, Ann lays back and has Tommy relieve her of her dress. He finds himself kissing all over Ann’s neck and collarbone before she turns over so he can admire her ass while removing her thong. Then it’s go time as he eats that creamy pussy out. In return, Ann sucks Tommy’s hardon to prime him for some good fuck.

Climbing aboard for a stiffie ride, Ann shoves those titties into Tommy’s face to make sure he gets to enjoy them properly. Then she turns around and rides him in reverse cowgirl. They lay together with Ann’s back on Tommy’s chest as he shoves up into her coochie. When Ann gets on her back, Tommy gives it to her nice and hard. The only thing harder is when Ann is on her knees and Tommy is riding her from behind in doggy. Once Ann has drained Tommy’s balls all over her boobs, she is certain he’ll have an easier time studying.

Alias: Ann Joy, Anna Joy