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Ebony Escort Lady Cecilia Lion:

Lets make your fantasies come true in REAL TIME! I am naturally submissive and obedient, but I am comfortable with appealing to the more dominant side of myself if preferred. Always staying Open-Minded, I love to explore any way we can arouse the human body. Communication is key! Please do not hesitate to let me know your strengths, weakness, and limits!
Currently, I’m looking for someone who can respect my short schedule and possibly find a fun partner who can spoil me rotten! I’m used to asking for things and only hearing YES.

Rates Incall: Casual Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner US$200, 1 Hour session US$600, 2 Hour session US$2,400, Overnight $5,000 Friday & Saturdays only!

Rates Online: 10min Live Skype Show US$100, 20min Live Skype Show US$200, 10min. Custom Video US$200, *24-48hr wait time, 20min Custom Video US$400 *24-48hr wait time. 

Alias: Cecelia Lion, Cecilia Lion