Voluptuous Jessica Roberts is an excellent reason for having a stop-and-frisk policy, but only if it’s conducted by Jessica, preferably in the back seat of her patrol car or your car. Jessica had the biggest tits in her school, not to mention the police academy. Jessica had C-cups while her classmates had mosquito bites. She was blessed in the chest, unlike the rest. Now that you have been escorted to Jessica’s security office, you are to remain seated and keep your hands by your sides, if that’s possible, while she frisks herself at her desk.

This is her technique for extracting a confession out of you, amongst other things. She’s learned that it’s very effective. Guess watching those old reruns of T.J. Hooker have paid off. When she pulls her naturals out of her cop blouse, you’ll be happy to be busted by her. Jessica needs some room to stretch out and gets on top of her desk to continue her investigation and wrap up her report. You have the right to remain erect.

Busty Escort Lady Jessica Roberts :

Hello guys. You have reached the righteous page where I, Jessica Roberts, help you to celebrate life sensually. I am a gorgeous diva with amazing features that attract clients to have a mind-blowing intense experience. The color of my eyes is green which goes parallel with my brunette hair. I have such amazing qualities that I can show you when I am in your private place.
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Alias: Jessica Rabbit