Wrote S.L., who is ga-ga over Tina. „Ukrainian Tina Lee looks like a goddess. Her body is perfect. Many women would be jealous. Tina is like a Vargas girl come to life but with big, beautiful, natural breasts, just the way I like them. Let us add again that Tina’s tan-lines are very sexy. Her nipples always look erect. It’s not easy for me to find swimsuits that fit me, Tina said. My breasts are big and my derriere is not. So shopping can be difficult for me. To buy a bikini with a top and bottom that fits good and looks sexy takes time.

Tina is a striking girl with a lot of sex appeal. She knows she can have any guy eating out of her hand if she wants but she doesn’t act like a diva. She’s down to earth. „Very nice girl,“ wrote the photographer in his notes.

Alias: Tina, Tina Lee