British babe Harmony Reigns, who sucks cock and fucks in this scene, describes herself as „loud, seductive and horny. You’re going to notice me when I walk into a room. Yeah, because she’s beautiful and has huge tits and a blockbuster body. You want tits and ass? This girl has tits and ass. I get a lot of attention because of my big tits,“ she said. „My tits have pretty much replaced my eyes. I’m cool with that. Anything I wear emphasizes my massive breasts even if I don’t try. All my clothes show off my bust.

See, that’s the thing. A girl with tits as big as Harmony’s has two choices: wear baggy clothes and look fat or wear tight, cleavage-revealing clothes and have other women accuse you of being a slut. Of course, there’s no upside to the former and a major upside to the latter: Guys love big tits and pay a lot of attention to her.

Alias: Harmony Sophia