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The next day, Emma Sirus asks Alex if he’d like a banana. He tries to take it, but instead of handing it over, Emma Sirus gets all sexy with it, even demonstrating how good she’d be at sucking cock. Alex has had enough! He grabs Emma’s little boobies and squeezes. Pleased that Alex finally gotten the hints she’s been laying down, Emma Sirus guides Alex to the couch where she lays him down and goes ham sucking his cock in a deep throat BJ.

Now that Emma has finally gotten a taste of Alex, she’s not about to let him go without some good fuck. She starts by peeling off her shorts and sliding down to do him in cowgirl as those tiny boobies bounce. Turning around on her knees, Emma watches in delight as Alex gives it to her in doggy. She winds up on her back with her thighs parted to welcome her stepbrother between them. Lifting one leg to hook an ankle over Alex’s shoulder, Emma opens herself completely for a deep pussy pounding that goes on until Alex pulls out to nut on her bare twat and leave Emma fully satisfied.

Teen Escort Lady Emma Sirus:

I knew I was destined for this life because of my desire for connection… ​
Nothing brings me more bliss than nurturing relationships that are fulfilling, inspiring, & full of fond memories. With you, I’m completely myself. Learning about you and sharing this moment in time is what drives me.

Just like you, something was missing from my life. I craved human connection and the happiness I felt when I made someone smile. If I’ve piqued your interest, nothing would bring me more pleasure than to take your hand and lead you into our little corner of the world. Let’s disconnect from our daily routine & escape into bliss. I’ll be waiting for you.

Rates Incall: 1 hour: $1,150, 1.5 hours: $1,700, 2 hours: $2,200

Rates Outcall: Dinner Date: $600 1 hour, 1 hour: $1,000, 1.5 hours: $1,450, 2 hour: $2,000 

Alias: Emma Sirrus, Emma Sirus