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The blonde babe spins around and gets on all fours, reaching back to rub her pussy and tease her clit from behind. Back on her knees, she rubs her pussy faster and faster with more aggression while using her free hand to squeeze her left tit, sending her over the top into a wicked orgasm. That is how you start the day off with a bang!

Escort Lady Sofie Otis:

I’m Sofie Otis, you probably know me, at least I hope so.😊 I thought that in addition to my career in adult films, we could enjoy each other’s company more in person. If you want to talk to a nice, intelligent, decorative woman or if you want me to accompany you somewhere, even to a restaurant, then you have the opportunity to do that too. If you have other ideas, let’s talk on WhatsApp.🥰

Rates: Outcalls per hour €110 (US$ 118) 

Alias: Sofi Otis, Sofie Otis, Sophie Otis