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Out in the backyard we see her topless playing on a tree swing, and we note how amazing that leggy slender body looks. We next see her relaxing and rubbing lotion into her skin as she talks about some of her sexual escapades, and then she attempts to fist herself a little. Back outdoors we see her in tight workout gear stretching her legs out, but she wants more penetration so we head back in with a big pink toy.

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Escort Lady Skye Blue:

At first glance, most see a luxurious siren, a blonde bombshell, an epitome of grace and appeal. Soft curls and curves, porcelain skin, long fingers, and slender limbs. If you take a closer look: you’ll notice subtle smile lines earned from countless laughs and pleasures shared with friends. They see a different me: an artist & nature-bound dork that likes to cuddle cats, cook dinner with a glass of wine in hand and binge classics. They know a down to earth girl with a lot of love in her heart to give.

In truth, I am both. I can simultaneously spark & harness carnal energy or talk for hours on philosophy, fine art, and the human condition. By debuting as a companion, I hope to connect with fans and new friends on a deeper level and make a few (or potentially exclusive) lasting connections. I believe in truly delving into the people around me and aim to foster a relationship that can last/feel like a lifetime. I’m Skye Blue. Shall we get better acquainted?

Rates: 2hours $2500, 3 hours $4500, 6 hours $8000, overnight. $12000 

Alias: Sky Blue, Skye Bleu