It is not hard to see how a photo shoot can turn into an afternoon of passion. As Scarlet was viewing Tiffany thru the camera she can tell there was some sexual desires being captured. It wasn’t long before both of them were exploring each others bodies and exposing themselves to the multiple orgasms. Tiffany Watson is a classic „blonde babe“ in the very best way. Those gorgeous tits are real, and so are her dazzling, almost hypnotic blue eyes.

The irrepressible Miss Watson is funny and a joy to have on the set for any shoot. Like all former fashion models, she also is very open about her sexuality. „My motto used to be ‚dick and nothing else but dick,'“ the curvy new X-Art Girl whispered to me. „But I have learned that the joys of pussy are bisexual.“ Hee hee. Now, 20-year-old Tiffany wants to be an erotic superstar someday. 

Escort Lady Tiffany Watson:

Squirt Lady Tiffany Watson is vibrant and hot! You are going to be asking yourself what just happened and why does it feel so good? … Saying Tiffany is beyond hot is going to be an understatement. Let me try and explain: her this way … Have you ever been seduced to the point that you are thinking is this real? … You are so in lust after a woman that your entire body is on fire? …. I did with Min… what a knockout of a babe! …. Wow! … Gentlemen wow! … Mind blown! Plus she’s a real porn star!!!

Alias: Tiffany Dawson, Tiffany Watson

Alias: Scarlet Red, Scarlett Red, Charlotte, Kholi Mills Jewkes