Dainty little rich girl Maddy O’Reilly is going on a blind date with a friend of a friend, but when he shows up dressed down all casual and dirty from his motorcycle ride, she’s appalled. When he goes to the bathroom to clean himself up, she desperately calls her friend back and tells her that she’s scared for her life.

But when he cleans up well, Maddy’s pleasantly surprised … but it’s too bad Johnny heard the spoiled, ungrateful rich girl’s conversation with her friend, because now wants to bounce out! But Maddy pleads for him to stay … by getting on her little rich knees and hands and sucking his dick! Turns out she’s dirtier than he is … especially with a faceful of cum!

Escort Lady Maddy O’Reilly:

Hi! I am sure you probably know me form the 500+ films I have done! I am very laid back & open-minded. I’m a huge dog lover and Irish whiskey drinker. I love real connections & doing spontaneous adventures!! I have exceptional reviews! I really enjoy making true connections. I really look forward to chatting with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rates: $1100/HR

Alias: Maddy O’Reily, Maddy O’Riley, Brooke Paige