Hot Eve Laurence isn’t too happy about the condition of her place. She’s even angrier that her friend’s douche bag brother, Joey, crashed there in the first place. Maybe Joey can „work“ something out?!? Eve Laurence is an American porn star, adult model and webcam model of English, Irish, German and Native American descent. Eve Laurence left school on her Junior year of High School after completing her General Educational Development (GED) and started working at the age of 15 using a fake ID.

Before she began her career in adult film she worked at Mercedes-Benz of Annapolis and also worked temporarily at a hair salon in Maryland.Her natural breast size is a B-cup; Eve claims to have had an „investor“ who paid for her breast augmentation surgery,which she got back in 2003 when she was 17. Eve Laurence began nude modeling at the age of 18, then expanded into porn videos, eventually appearing in over eighty films. She is a good friend, and one time roommate, of fellow porn star Eva Angelina.

In 2005, Lawrence went on hiatus from the industry shortly after her 20th birthday. She moved back to Maryland and began working for a mortgage company and pursued an associate’s degree of arts, with the intention of eventually entering law school to study real estate law.She came back briefly in 2006 to make some additional appearances in adult movies, losing her anal onscreen virginity in a film by Jules Jordan. Eve also changed her hair color to blonde. She left the industry the following year and came back as solely a webcam performer.

In early 2010 she began asking donations for the „Eve Laurence Legal Fund“ which went towards her legal defense to shut down sites making profit off her image and misspelling of her name, „Eve Lawrence“, a tactic which she claims is to divert traffic in order to gain the most profits, for which she receives no residuals.

Alias: Eve Laurence, Eve Lawrence