Heather Vandeven is super sexy as she plays with her blonde curls and hot boobs. Heather was born in Hollywood, California and attended high school in Santa Rosa, California. She was very athletic then, stating that she was able to do ten pull-ups and run the mile in seven minutes, and was always skateboarding. Heather Vandeven was a late bloomer who did not start to develop until age 15; she has confessed to stuffing her bra before then.

After graduating from high school at age 17, she served in the United States Army for two and a half years, where she worked in food inspection. She has a degree in Education from Southern Illinois University and was working on her masters in Nutrition in fall of 2006

Alias: Heather VandeVen, Heather Vandever, Heather VandevVen, Heather VuurHeather Van Den Bosch