Ladies night out! Heather Vahn is intent on taking her girlfriend out for drinks, but her friend’s husband Sean isn’t so keen on the idea when she stops by to tell him. Why? Because, Sean admits, Heather is fucking hot, which means guys will be hitting on her all night, which means guys will be hitting on his wife all night. Logical, right? You know what else is logical? Heather getting turned on that Sean thinks she’s sexy, then ripping her clothes off to fuck the shit out of him, even though he’s married to her friend. Logic is fun!

Escort Lady Heather Vahn:

Heather is a sweet and sexy lady who knows how to converse and entertain. She’s intelligent and great on dates, with a warm and charming character. She also has a naughty side that she is famously known for, the stuff of most men’s dreams, She’s the girl next door type yet with a little more curves 😉

Rates Incall / Outcall: 1 Hour 3500 EUR, 4000 EUR, 2 Hours 7000 EUR, 7500 EUR, 4 Hours 10000 EUR, 10500 EUR

Alias: Heather Vaughn