Curvy Bikini Babe Katy Ann is a dancin‘ machine on the good ship as it cruises the waters, the skyline of Magic City Miami in the background. The weather cooperates and the sun isn’t blocked by cloud cover as if it knows Katy Ann is here from Texas. Regular boaters in the area see a lot of bouncing swimsuit babes in their travels but have they ever seen anyone as stacked and shapely as Katy Ann? She does justice to cut-off denim shorts. My boobs are soft and squishy, Katy Ann said. They feel a bit firm. These are not rock hard at all.

They have movement. They just feel pillow-soft. They feel great, like a nice, firm pillow. When I work out, I need three bras, two sports bras and a heavy duty support bra. I don’t want them to bounce. Some guys will say, ‚What do you mean you don’t want them to bounce?‘ because they definitely have movement.

Alias: Katy Ann, Katy AnnXO