Big booty Italian Valentina Bellucci is trying to do her job and tutor Johnny, but Johnny is too busy playing video games. Valentina refuses to wait for Johnny to finish his game so she walks out on their session. That’s too bad, because Johnny loves spending their sessions examining Valentina’s bod. Since he won’t be able to admire Valentina today, he doses off and Valentina shows up in his day dream ready to suck and fuck. Best wet dream of Johnny’s life!

Escort Lady Valentina Bellucci:

European. I am sure some of you must’ve heard my accent in one of the adult of fetish productions and you know it can be sexy and erotic or really, really dirty 🙂 Classy and Charming with a heart of gold and a good sense of humor. No judgmental, empathetic, and a good listener. Enjoys great companionship and quality conversation. Sweet and down to earth. Dominant when needed. Worked with many fetish producers in the adult industry and explored tons of fetishes and kinks.

I used to dance professionally and played tennis on a competitive level. Now I dance whenever I can. It helps me express myself, stay in shape, and maintain a positive mindset. I am also a fashion lover!The perfect gift for me would be a pair of high heels (feet size 7.5), or a handbag. Always highly appreciated. I’m a very open-minded person. I love to explore new things. There are no taboos for me.

Alias: Valentina, Valentina Bellucci