Maggie Green told me she used to pay for her spring-break trips by winning wet T-shirt contests. I used to come down here during spring break during college,“ she said. „I paid for one of my whole spring-break trips to Fort Lauderdale doing wet T-shirt contests. I just started doing all the wet T-shirt contests, and I won all the money that I spent on the trip. I always won. You don’t just have to have big boobs. You have to know how to work the crowd. Be sexy. Show them off. That’s what I did.

One year during spring break from college, I paid for the entire trip by winning wet T-shirt contests. I must’ve won three or four of them. Every time I showed up for one, the other girls would take one look at my chest, and I could see what they were thinking: ‚We have no chance against those!‘ I started bartending. At one point, I had an office job. But it was while I was bartending that I got approached to do some promotional modeling for a sports website.

Alias: Maximum Maggie, Plenty