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Escort Lady Ginger Lynn Allen:

In the early 80’s the adult world was given one of the most promising entertainers of our time. There was something about this blonde seductress that the porn world had never witnessed. Her legacy still lives on, as her movies remain some of the most watched adult films. That starlet was the infamous Ginger Lynn. She was born on December 4th in Rockford, Illinois, where she spent her childhood until the age of 19. While visiting her ailing grandfather in California, Ginger decided to stay, and found employment at Musicland in Redland, CA.

She remained there from November ’82-September ’83. She was living in a trailer in one of the worst parts of town. Ginger decided to answer an ad for models, and by the end of that day, she had an offer to do a layout for Penthouse. Almost overnight Ginger became the most wanted new starlet in the business. Although her initial stay in porn was only 2 years, her first 69 movies have remained on the top of the video rental charts.

Ginger went through the successful transition to mainstream Hollywood. She won the heart of Hollywood’s most infamous ladies’ man, Charlie Sheen. They had an off and on affair for over four years. She had small parts in mainstream TV, including a recurring role on Fox’s drama ”Skin” and roles in “Silk Stalkings” and “NYPD Blue,” not to mention numerous mainstream films.

Now making occasional guest appearances and starring roles in adult film that pay tribute to her status, Ginger is a legend in her own time. She is without a doubt a priceless piece of the porn puzzle, and cannot receive enough credit for the work she’s done. Ginger has made her mark, unlike any adult starlet before or after her. She is a true classic.

Alias: Ginger Jo Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Ginger Lynn Allen