No greater girl than 2010-2019 Model of the Decade Japanese Hitomi could put on a tight tops show that includes sweaters, halter tops, bikini tops, bras and tank tops. I’ve met Hitomi a couple of times, but I’ve never seen the reaction that Hitomi gets in public, no matter what she wears. Dave did when he and several staffers took Hitomi to dinner one night in Miami Beach. They went to a burger place and a Victoria’s Secret store. Because when you’re with Hitomi, going to a bra and lingerie shop is the right thing to do.

„Hitomi’s sweater was dark but see-through in the right light,“ Dave wrote. „Any tit hound, such as myself, could tell that she was stacked. Funny thing: One of my female co-workers said to me, ‚She really hides them well, doesn’t she?‘ Meaning her tits. And I said, ‚No, she doesn’t.‘ They’re impossible to hide.

Alias: Hitomi Tanaka, TANAKA Hitomi, 田中瞳