Bikini wahine Claudia KeAloha will stiffen your zucchini in these teeny swimsuits. It’s almost a year ago that busty Claudia tried on bikinis in the dressing room. When Claudia recently visited, we requested more bikini action. It’s really all she needs in her suitcases, in our two-track minded opinion. I wear different brands or anything I think looks good on me,“ says Claudia. “ I only wear bikinis, not one pieces. I look for a bikini that fits my body type and I like to mix & match the top with the bottom.

I have to because the top is always an XXX-Large and the bottom is a small. I don’t like big tan-lines. We knew the answer but we have to ask: What kind of reaction does Claudia get anytime she’s at the beach or a hotel pool when she’s in one of her bikinis? The men love it. The women give me dirty looks.

Alias: Kealoha Kealoha, Dina Arriagada, Malia